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Modiano marked poker cards

Modiano Marked Playing Cards

We have get the very good way to mark Modiano playing cards with invisible ink and  sell the best marked cards for poker lenses to see here.

Invisible ink Copag marked cards

Copag Marked Cheating Cards

We supply best Copag marked cards for magic shows and poker games. We can also mark your Copag playing cards with invisible ink marks.

Fournier Marked Decks

Luminous Fournier Marked Decks

Any model of Fournier marked cards are available here in markedcardscontactlenses.com for marked cards reader to see the luminous marks.

Luminous marked deck

Luminous Deck Texas Marked Cards

For Texas Hold’em cards, we can mark invisible ink marks on them perfectly for  infrared contact lenses to see only. Our technicians mark the playing cards with lunimous ink kit by advanced machine.

NTP marked cards

NTP Marking Playing Cards

NTP playing cards are usually used for magic shows or poker games. People like useing the marked NTP playing cards for the good quality. We mark all the original NTP playing cards that are imported from Europe, which make sure the marked decks is the right playing cards that people use originally.

Bee Marking Playing Cards

Invisible Ink Bee Marked Cards

Bee playing cards can be marked well with invisible ink marks for marked cards contact lenses to see. The US BEE marked playing cards is quite popular use with invisible ink reader kit. And also, other model Bee playing cards can be customized to be the invisible ink marked cards well.

KEM Marking Cards

Luminous KEM Marked Cards

KEM playing cards, including the KEM Arrow and Paisley, are said to be 100% plastic cellulose acetate that is virually impossible to mark or dent. However, our technicians can mark the KEM cards well with specail invisible ink juice and machine after years of study and test.

Invisible Ink Detector

Invisible Ink Marked Cards Contact Lenses

Invisible Ink marked cards reader mainly include the infrared contact lenses, marked cards glasses, IR filters and so on. And invisible ink contact lenses is always the best and most popular devices to see the luminous marking cards.

marked cards sunglasses

Infrared Sunglasses to See Marking Cards

Aviator infrared sunglasses  is a cool item to protect eyes from sushine that is popular use these days.  It is really fashionable to wear such an infrared sunglasses to read the invisbkle ink marked cards in poker club or magic shows.

AKK Scanning System

AKK Texas and Omaha Scanner System

AKK K40 ( K4 ) poker analyzers is a very practical analyzer for Texas and Omaha that come out to the market in 2016. K4 poker predictors have many advantages. 

Baccarat marked cards scanner system

Baccarat Marked Cards Poker System

 The Baccarat scanning system works well with  barcode marked cards to help you be the last winner.  The whole set devices include the baccarat dealing shoe scanner,  the invisible ink bar code marked cards and the poker analyzer such as AKK analyzer. 

The marked cards scanner dealing shoe looks exactly the same as other normal ones. You can not see any difference with the normal dealing shoes on the appearance.
PK S708 marked cards analyzer

New PK S708 Poker Scanner Analyzer

PK S708 is one of the latest model poker scanner analyzers recently. It has a more fashion and more beautiful looks than the earlier models. What is more, there are some necessary advantages of the PK S708 poker analyzer when comparing with other model analyzers.

CVK 500 poker scanner analyzer

CVK 500 Marked Cards Poker Analyzer

 CVK500 poker analyzer recently come out into the market in 2017. The high-speed and accurate scanner analyzer of CVK500 works very well in scanning marked cards and getting the winner hands in poker games or magic shows.

Chip Rack Scanning lens

Chip Rack Poker Scanner

Chip tray is very good cover for installing scanning camera lens. It is very useful and secret cheating device on the casino table to read the side marked cards for poker scanner analyzer.

Cards Shuffler Scanner Lens

Cards Shuffler Scanner Camera

The poker cards shuffler to shuffle playing cards can be processed to get a spy scanning camera to scan bar code marks of marked playing cards.

Lighter poker scanning camera

Lighter Marked Poker Cards Scanner

 We all know that the lighters are used to get a fire. It is easy use and popular use everywhere. But do you know that the lighter can be installed with scanning cameras to scan barcode marked cards for the poker analyzer even the lighter is transparent?

Power Bank Scanning Camera

Power Bank Scanning Camera

 It is a wise choice to process a power bank with our imported high definition camera to scan bar code marked cards in the scanning system. The power bank scanner camera has the advantage of being greater distance and bigger battery of longer work.

Phone marked cards scanner lens

Phone Marked Cards Scanner Lens

To meet meet of using the latest advanced phone to help in the poker games, our technicians produce the marked cards scanning cameras in different brands phones like Iphone, Samsung, Nokia and so on for reading marked decks for poker analyzer. 

Poker invisible ink

Cards Marking Invisible Ink

We have many invisible ink. These invisible ink are mainly used to mark poker cards, dominoes, rummy cards and so on with luminous marks. They are excellent for poker gambling cheating or magic shows. 

invisible ink marking dominoes

Luminous Marked Dominoes

With the marked dominoes, people can see the clear marks of the same numbers as that on the face when wearing the infrared contact lenses or sunglasses. However, people can see nothing different on the surface of the back between the normal clean dominoes and our marked dominoes.

IR Marked Cards

IR Marked Cards For Infrared Camera

In fact, in addition to the contact lenses marked cards and bar code marked cards, we have also the IR marked decks. There are IR marks on the marked playing cards for only IR camera to read. 

Ceiling Lamp IR Camera

Ceiling Lamp with IR Camera to See Infrared Marks

 With the IR camera lens on the ceiling lamp to see the IR playing cards on poker table, we can see the IR marks clearly on the screen like TV, computer or phone. Just like with the normal monitor, you can see every hand cards and all those on the table.

Remote control dices

Wireless Remote Control Dice

The so called remote control dices means the special processed dices that can be controlled by the wireless control so as to get the wanted points. These remote control dices are processed by our skillful technicians.

Samsung Cards Exchanger

Poker Cards Exchanging Tool

Phone cards exchanger is one of the latest playing cards exchanger nowadays. Just put this phone one the poker table or in the pocket, you can change the cards in your hand. 

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