Latest marked cards Analyzer AKK A1 System

Since we have discussed the AKK poker analyzers before, So we most know that AKK poker analyzer is a powerful amazing device to help in poker games. Now I want to share the latest AKK poker analyzer with you, AKK A1 poker analyzer.

AKK A1 poker analyzer is an all-in-one poker analyzer which means it can not only used as a poker analyzer but also a poker camera lens to scan barcode marked cards. Thus, AKK A1 poker analyzer read the invisible barcode of marked poker cards and analyze the data of barcode marked poker cards at the same time.

The most important points is you do not need to be afraid to be found by others because AKK A1 poker analyzer has no difference from the normal cell phone. It will not arise other attention when you put it on the table during the process of playing games.

AKK A1 poker analyzer can be an excellent cheating device for winning the poker games. Just feel free to contact if you want to try.