Marked Cards Scanner Cameras

Iphone7 Scanning Camera

Iphone7 Scanning Camera For Poker Analyzer

Iphone is the world famous smart phone that people special the young like to use in the daily lives a lot for the advanced technology and high quality. Now the Iphone7 is the latest model so far and a...

Samsung S7 scanning camera

Samsung S7 with Scanning Camera to Read Code Marked Cards

Samsung S7 used to have some problems with its original batteries and people don't like its batteries. Now that some time passed and this problem is solved already. Learn from advantage of Samsung, no...

Power bank scanning camera

Power Bank Scanning Camera to Read Barcode Marked Decks

Power bank come into the market several years ago and soon become very popular. It is a very normal item to charge our smart phones, Ipads, MP4 and so on in our daily lives. When you take a power bank...

Iphone Power Bank Scanner

Iphone Power Bank Scanning Camera for Scanner Analyzer

People who has a phone usually has an easy-take power bank to charge the phone when being outside. The Iphone can be charged by its own model power bank only. The poker players who has an Iphone can j...

500 chips rack with scanning cameras

Big Chip Tray With Scanning Cameras To Read Marked Cards

Chip tray scanning camera lens is very useful and secret cheating device on the casino table to read the side marked cards for poker scanner analyzer. It's ideal for the dealer to work in the scanning...

Lighter scanning camera

Scanning Camera Lens in Transparent Lighter

The item Lighter isn't strange to people at all. We all know that it's used to get a fire. It's easy use and hot everywhere. But do you know that the lighter can be installed with scanning cameras to ...

Mental lighter scanner

Traditional Lighter with Scanning Camera

Lighter is such a daily item that people can take it everywhere to fire for cigarette or something else. It's popular use in daily lives and people won't doubt about anything if you take it on the pok...

remote control scanning camera

Remote Control Lighter Scanner Camera

It seems that every one knows lighter as a tool to light a fire. However, our lighters are much more magic than that you can think. The lighter scanner with remote control is one of our latest lighter...

small chip rack camera

Small Chip Rack with Single Scanner Lens to Scan Hidden Code Marks

 The small chip tray of 100 poker chips are available in pure black and white transparent. After many times of studying and testing, our technology in installing poker scanner lens into the chip ...

350 chips holder camera

350 Poker Chips Holder Scanner in Poker Scanning System

 For any dealers or poker players in casinos, any sizes of chip box and different brands of playing cards must be familiar. The chip tray to hold 350 chips is popular use. It is also a good cover...

USB cable scanner camera

USB Data Cable with Scanner Camera to Read Invisible Ink Code Marks

 USB data cable is known to all that it's used to connect the phone or MP4 with the charger or power bank so as to charge. People all know this about the USB cable.  However, there's some m...

cigarette box scanning camera

Cigarette Box Can Be Installed With Spy Camera for Poker Winner Predictor

 Nowadays, many people smokes and it is quite normal that people take a cigarette box with them. Such a common thing will not catch people's attention or doubt if you take a box of cigarette to t...

Smart car key camera

Remote Control Car Key Scanning Camera

Cay key is a familiar item to people who has cars and even those who doesn't have a car. It's such a daily item that people feel nothing strange when see it. But have you imagined that the traditional...

Q7 car key scanner

Audi Q7 Key Camera Code Marked Cards Reader

Usually the smart car key is used to control the car, such as to lock or open the car door, to switch the car and so on. People all know this and no one would doubt about it. An Audi car key works exa...

BMW car key scanner camera

BMW Car Key With Poker Scanner Camera to Read Code Marks

 BMW cars are popular all over the world among the young and old, which make the BMW car key a cool item that people admire everywhere. Our BMW car key is made in China but it looks the same as ...

Leather belt poker scanner

leather belt poker scanner to read code marks

 Some guys ask what camera can they use if they can't put other items on the poker table. In addition to the button scanning camera, now the latest leather belt scanner camera come into the marke...

Wallet scanning camera

Wallet to hold money and scanning camera for marked cards analyzer

 When playing poker game, such as Omaha and Texas Holdem, the wireless scanner camera to scan side marked cards for poker winner predictor helps a lot. The wallet scanning camera is one the best ...

poker chip scanner camera

Poker chip invisible juiced cards scanning camera

 Poker chip is very common item in casino or on the poker table. No people will notice it when you put the poker chip on your table. This makes it a nice cover for installing poker scanning camer...

marked cards  watch scanner

Watch Poker Scanner With Camera Lens to Read Invisible Code Marks

 Are you a gentleman who like playing poker cards?  This wristwatch marked decks scanner can help you to be a successful poker player in poker gambling or private poker games. Take actual ...

Cuff button scanning camera

Poker Scanner Hidden in Cuff Button

 Have you ever imagined that such a small item as your cuff button in the shirt can hide a marked cards scanning camera?  Many people know about the mobile phone scanning camera and seldom ...

Cards Shuffler Scanning Camera

Poker Cards Shuffler Scanning Camera

 With the development of modern technology, a lot of work has been replaced by machine, and computer became smarter like human brains. Time became more important today, shuffling cards by hands u...

Wall clock poker scanner

Wall Clock with Long Distance Scanning Lens for Juiced Side Marked Cards

 Wall clock is a quite ordinary item that we can see everywhere and people may even ignore it. This makes it a good device for installing poker scanner lens to scan marked playing cards secretly....

Lamp scanner camera

Lamp Scanning Camera with Long Range

 Every poker room or normal room has at least a lamp. And people seldom look at it carefully for its position and the light. Thus the lamp is a safe cover to hold the scanning camera. This super ...

Music Box Poker Scanner

Music Box Poker Winner Predictor Scanner

 Music box is a common item for relaxing in daily lives. People likes listening to music with the music box and enjoy the lives. With our music box scanner, you can do this also in the daily live...

Water Bottle Scanner Camera

Water Bottle with installed scanning camera for poker analyzer

 In many countries, many players are looking for new products for the poker tricks, which needs new idea and new technology. Our technicians have been working on the new technology and devices al...

Nokia phone marked cards scanner

Nokia Phone Scanner Camera

 Nokia is really popular in the past days. And even now, some people are still like using the Nokia smart phones. Why we choose Nokia to install the poker barcode marked cards scanner? In some e...

Blackberry marked cards scanner

Blackberry Phone Marked Cards Scanning Camera

  For gamble tricks, if you don't want to wear the infrared contact lenses to see the luminous marked cards, you can consider the machine-readable code scanner to read bar code marked cards that ...

Iphone 6 poker scanner

Iphone6 Marked Cards Scanner

 Iphone6 barcode poker scanner is a high quality enjoyment to work with the marked cards analyzer for poker trick during the gambling game.  The Iphone6 scanning camera is ideal for scannin...

Iphone5 barcode marked cards scanner

Iphone5 Barcode Marked Cards Reader Camera

 Iphone5 scanning camera refers to the installed mini spy scanner that used to read the code marks of marked playing cards for poker analyzer.  The scanning camera is inside the phone but h...

S6 phone marked cards scanner

Samsung S6 Poker Scanning Camera

 Samsung S6 used to be very popular use with its fashion look and smart functions. Now even it's in earlier model, this Samsung S6 phone is still very practical use. With the advantage of Samsung...

Samsung S5 poker scanner

Samsung S5 Poker Cards Scanner

 Samsung S5 is one of the earlier models of Samsung smart phones that was once very popular. Samsung smart phones always leads a tide of the fashion look and smart functions at its time. With the...

Radar marked cards scanner

Auto Radar Tracking Scanner Camera

 Poker scanner camera to scan bar code marked cards in poker scanning system for poker analyzer to get the poker results is very good device for poker cheating. They are popular use among poker p...

Marked cards fastest scanning camera

High Speed Marked Cards Scanning Lens

This high speed marked cards scanning lens is an advanced model of radar scanning camera for reading moving cards depending on the cameras existed and new technology. Sometimes we call it the lighteni...

New auto tracking marked cards camera

New Auto tracking Marked Cards Scanner

Poker scanning camera to scan barcode marked cards in poker analyzer system for poker cheating is the technology many years ago. At that time, the marked cards scanner and the barcode marked deck must...

Convenient Marked Cards Lighter Spy Camera

Convenient Marked Cards Lighter Spy Camera

Have you ever thought that a common lighter can be processed as a poker cheating device? That wasn't a ridiculous thing. A mini spy camera lenses has been installed into lighter. What's more, there ha...

Micron Horizontal Infrared Lighter Scanner

Micron Horizontal Infrared Lighter Scanner

More and more poker cheating devices have been used in the marked cards casino games, the lighter also become a popular item as it can be processed into marked playing cards scanning camera. Just like...

Smooth Infrared Cards Car Key Spy Camera

Smooth Infrared Cards Car Key Spy Camera

Audi car key as a normal item which is hard to arose other's attention. While, such common thing can be specially processed into spy scanning camera to read barcode marked cards for poker winner analy...

Single Lens Land Rover Key Poker Scanner

Single Lens Land Rover Key Poker Scanner

Car keys poker analyzer digital scanning camera to read side marked cards are the same as Watch scanning cameras and Lighter poker scanners. They work efficiently with high accuracy to scan the barcod...

BMW Key Double Lens Marking Cards Camera

BMW Key Double Lens Camera In Omaha Marking Cards Game

This is a new design car-key camera, BMW double lens car-key camera can be worked with kinds of poker analyzers, such as AKK-K4 poker analyzer, AKK30 poker analyzer, CVK 350 Samsung poker analyzer and...

CVK 730N Insulation Cup With Poker Mini Spy Camera

CVK 730N Insulation Cup With Poker Mini Spy Camera

Insulation cup is too normal to arose other's suspect as a normal item in our daily life. Can you believe that it can be used as a useful external poker canning camera for analyzer system? As you can ...

PK King Series Wallet Marked Cards Reader

PK King Series Wallet Marked Cards Reader

Wallet is no more a common item in our daily as it can be processed into a kind of marked cards cheating devices to read barcode marked cards for analyzer system. Such CVK poker analyzer, AKK winner s...

CVK HD Lens For Marked Cards Wallet Camera

CVK HD Lens For Marked Cards Wallet Camera

CVK HD wallet poker analyzer camera is absolutely a big surprise for marked cards player. Playboy series of high quality wallet has been processed into a kinds of poker scanning camera to read differe...

Lighter Scanning Camera Cards-reading Poker Analyzer Tools

Lighter Scanning Camera Cards-reading Poker Analyzer Tools

What impression you have about the lighter? Does it just can light a fire? As it says that: as long as there is a demand there will be a market! Nowadays, more and more advices have been used in ...

Capricious New Generation Watch Poker Scanner

Capricious New Generation Watch Poker Scanner

Kinds of camera lenses can be installed into different carrier to work as a external marked cards scanning camera for poker analyzer system. So watch is not a exception! Have you ever heard Capri...

Ashtray poker scanning camera

Ashtray Barcode Marked Cards Camera Reader

 Ashtray is quite a daily item that people see it everywhere. And seldom guys will think that a normal ashtray can be a cheating device for poker games. Here we offer the ashtray poker scanning c...

Cuff Marking Cards Scanning Lens

Hidden Cuff Marking Cards Scanning Lenses

The diversity of products is to meet the needs of different people! Therefore, spy mini scanning camera can be installed into kinds of carriers which are ordinary items in our daily life according to ...

White Power Bank For Scanning Infrared Marked Cards

White Power Bank For Scanning Infrared Marked Cards

From the appearance of view, the biggest advantage of this power bank poker scanner is that it changed the traditional power bank with the big and heavy treasure characteristics. The thickness of this...

Colorful Power Bank Marked Cards Reader

Colorful Power Bank Marked Cards Reader

This type of power bank scanning camera with new design are widely used to read the barcode marked cards. Compared to the traditional power bank, this power bank has made a great change in the appeara...

External Poker Scanning Camera For Side Marking Cards

External Poker Scanning Camera For Side Marking Cards

We all know that poker winner analyzer really has a significant function during playing casino games. But due to the backwardness of early technology, so not all of analyzer have the built-in scanning...

Poker Scanning Camera With High-speed Capture

Poker Scanning Camera With High-speed Capture

Marked cards scanning camera is not only in one form, as watch scanning camera and power bank poker scanner are popular among the marked cards players. While, here also has a new form poker scanner wh...

Lucky Star Larger Scan Scope Marked Cards Reader

Lucky Star Larger Scan Scope Marked Cards Reader

As we all know that there is a kind of special poker scanning camera to read barcode marked cards in three-dimensional space. For the normal poker scanner, it just can read marked cards on a certain l...

Key Chain Luminous Stealth Marking Cards Scanner

Key Chain Marking Cards Scanner Camera

Key chain marked cards scanning camera is really a special poker cheating device for poker winner analyzer system. Doesn't like others marked cards camera lenses, this key chain poker scanner can swit...

Tissue Box marked cards scanner

Tissue Box Poker Scanner For Barcode Marked Cards

 To scan the marked cards well for poker analyzer, our technicians usually install the wireless scanning camera in a daily item that won't catch others' attention.  Recently the tissue box ...

White Digital Watch Marking Deck Scanning Camera

White Digital Watch Marking Deck Scanning Camera

This is new generation watch marking playing cards scanning camera with mercury switch can read the barcode marked cards smoother. Once the barcode marked cards has put in the admitted scanning scope ...




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