Poker Scanner Hidden in Cuff Button

 Have you ever imagined that such a small item as your cuff button in the shirt can hide a marked cards scanning camera? 

Many people know about the mobile phone scanning camera and seldom doubt about it. In fact, the cuff button scanning camera work in the similar way as the phone scanner for marked cards. And the cuff button scanning camera is even more secret for you don't need to put it on the poker table.
This button poker scanning camera are used with edge barcode marks poker, poker winner analyzed system and a couple of audio monitor. First step is scanning. Because the poker deck will not always in the same place, so you should find the suitable place between the playing cards scanner and the barcode marked cards. The second step is analyzing. After the scanning camera get the scanning image of the barcode marks, it will send the scanning image to the poker winner analyzer, and then, the analyzing result will come out. And at last, the third step is transmitting the outcome by a detectaphone.
So, with this cuff button poker hidden scanner, you can easily beat other players to be the final winner!

Cuff button scanning camera




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