Infrared Contact Lenses

poker contact lenses

GS Poker Contact Lenses

Contact lenses is very popular in daily life for it can satisfy the demands of beautiful appearance and convenience. Infrared contact lenses is very popular among magicians and poker players for it ge...

infrare contact lenses

Infrared Contact Lenses of 9mm Perspective Lens

If you like playing poker game or dominoes, you must think of getting some advanced technical cheating devices for winning the games. This perspective contact lens are designed for seeing through pr...

Prefessional contact lenses

Powerful Contact Lenses Of 4mm Lens

The professional contact lenses is usually used in casinos for detecting marked cards of cheating for it's one of the most useful marked cards detector to see the invisible ink marks. Still some peopl...

Blue contact lenses

Marked Cards Contact Lenses For Blue Eyes

Some people may ask if we have blue contact lenses or not. In fact, the blue contact lenses may refer to two items here. One is the contact lenses that have blue area in the center which may make you...

IR contact lenses for brown eyes

Invisible Ink Contact Lenses For Brown Eyes

This model of contact lenses is special for brown eyes to see the marks on marked poker cards, which have very good reputation among our regular customers for the good quality and reasonable price. If...

infrared contact lenses with green lens

Professional IR Contact Lenses for Green Eyes

Have you ever heard of green contact lenses or infrared contact lenses for green eyes? This is a kind of contact lenses that can see through invisible ink marked cards, which is designed for people w...

Hazel contact lense for marked cards

Marked Playing Cards Lenses for Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes look like a little green mixed with a little grey, our company designs a kind of marked cards contact lenses that is special for this color eyes, which won't change the hazel color at all. ...

Infrared Contact Lenses In Texas Holdem Game

Infrared Contact Lenses In Texas Holdem Game

We all know that infrared sunglasses can be special processed into poker cheating device. So IR contact lens is also! Infrared contact lenses are widely used to read the invisible ink marked cards whi...

IR Contact Lenses For Brown Eyes

IR Brown Contact Lenses For Marked Cards

For the normal contact lenses, different colors are suitable for different groups. But all of infrared contact lenses can be used to read back marked cards. Luminous contact lenses for brown eyes just...

Infrared Contact Lenses

Invisible Ink Contact Lenses In Magical Trick

As the marked cards are widely used in the poker casino games, more and more poker cheating devices have developed to read marks on the playing cards. Infrared contact lenses or sunglasses usually use...




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  • Content:How much price invisible ink pen
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  • Content:How much are Bicycle prestige plastic lumimous cards?? Red deck amd blue.
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  • Content:hello Joey, im Vu, im chinese, im living in the US i need to buy a set of contactlen and 5 sets of playing cards red + 5 sets of bee plue, my eyes are dark brown. what is the price? . and how to pay? everytime i get. This is the first time I want to try, if good and useful, someday I will buy a lot.
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  • Content:How can I order contaclens and marked card
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