Professional IR Contact Lenses for Green Eyes

Have you ever heard of green contact lenses or infrared contact lenses for green eyes?
This is a kind of contact lenses that can see through invisible ink marked cards, which is designed for people who have green eyes. We are selling contact lenses in different sizes and colors. They all can see the marks printed on all kinds of poker cards. You can buy contact lenses for green eyes or for other colors.
The very good quality IR contact lenses for green eyes won't change your green eyes color at all. Wearing this professional lenses for green eyes, your eyes look native and others won't see anything special. But if you get some cheap contact lenses to see the marks, it may change your eye color and people can see the differences in your eyes.
Please remember that high technology and good quality bring good luck!

infrared contact lenses with green lens




  • Name:Devdash Talukdar2018-04-19 19:13:55


  • Content:How much price invisible ink pen
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  • Content:How much are Bicycle prestige plastic lumimous cards?? Red deck amd blue.
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  • Content:hello Joey, im Vu, im chinese, im living in the US i need to buy a set of contactlen and 5 sets of playing cards red + 5 sets of bee plue, my eyes are dark brown. what is the price? . and how to pay? everytime i get. This is the first time I want to try, if good and useful, someday I will buy a lot.
  • Reply:Hello Vu. I got your email and replied you there already. You must be satisfied with our products after you use them. Have a good day!
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  • Content:How can I order
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  • Content:How can I order contaclens and marked card
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