IR Cards Camera

Mural painting IR camera

Mural Painting with IR Camera to See Infrared Ink Marked Cards

 Many people will decorate their home or room with mural paintings to make people have the visual enjoyment. It shows the taste of the host in some degree with different wall paintings.  Ma...

IR camera in smoke detector

Smoke Detector IR Camera Used to Read Unique Marked Cards

 Smoke detectors are usually installed in private or public places such as home, school and hotel, poker clubs, casinos and so on. It is quite ordinary to see smoke detectors everywhere. After l...

Infrared Ceiling Lamp Camera

Ceiling Lamp with Focusing Effect IR Camera For Poker Trick

 Usually the IR marked cards are with Infrared ink marks on the back, which are mainly read by the related IR camera. With the IR camera lens on the ceiling lamp to see the IR playing cards on po...

Sound box IR Camera

Sound Box with IR Marked Cards Camera to Read IR Marked Decks

Some guys may ask what is a sound box? Sound box is in fact a kind of music speaker in daily lives that people can enjoy the music with it. Now here it refers to the IR marked cards camera that bein...

Rotate IR Camera in Daylight Lamp

Rotate IR Camera in Daylight Lamp for Poker Trick

Lamp for daylight is quite normal. But the lamp with IR camera is very amazing.  With a mini secret camera lens inside, the lamp looks normal and nothing special, which make the lamp a good cove...